Sunday, July 11, 2010

Iron Fist, IronMan, Stomach of Iron

We have started our summer off and it already seems like it is almost over. June was busy with us getting ready for a party in our backyard. Byron wanted to have a graduation party for the exiting residents in his department, so we ended up with roughly 120 people in our backyard. It gave Byron and the rest of the people that he plays in a band with a chance to perform, and they had a blast. It was crazy trying to pull off something that big, but we ended up with A LOT of help from family that we are now going to have to repay big time.
On the day of the party Zac had his first Tae Kwon Do test to graduate to his yellow belt. My mom was gracious enough to take him for the three hours that it took and he passed with flying colors. He also was able to break a board with his fist. He is really enjoying it and we are proud of him.

About a week ago Max was complaining that his heart was racing. He had mentioned this to me before, but whenever I felt, it seemed regular. But on this particular day when I felt it, sure enough his heart was racing so fast that I couldn't keep up with the beats. We called his cardiologist and they said to come down and they would give him an EKG. When they hooked him up to the machine it instantly picked up his heartbeat that was going close to 200 beats per minute. So they decided to give him an echo to see if his heart was holding up under the stress. They were able to figure out that he had what is called Ectopic Atrial Tachycardia. In regular terms he has an extra area in his heart that generates a rhythm, when it is active his heart beats too fast. They sent us home with a holter to track what his heart did in a 24 hour period. His babysitter thought he looked like IronMan and that made Max happy. We just met with the cardiologist again this week and he has been put on Beta Blockers and according to her he is the poster child for the medicine. His heart is beating where it should and he is doing great.
Calvin just turned 10 months old and is our baby who can eat anything and everything. He loves to eat and we have yet to find a food that he doesn't like. Byron even gave him baked beans yesterday and he gobbled them up. He is trying really hard to crawl but has mostly just figured out how to push himself backwards. He can say dada and just figured out how to click his tongue on the roof of his mouth. He has really started to have his own personality and we are getting such a kick out of him. He can pretty much make everyone smile with his big blue eyes.


Amy said...

Glad you found some time in your bust summer to hang out with us!

Em said...

Your boys are the best! Wish we could have been there for the band concert- I heard it was great!