Monday, April 26, 2010

We Are Alive!!

I know that it has been over a year since I blogged, but I am back and attempting to keep everyone updated. It will be interesting to see if anyone even sees this, or if everyone has stopped looking.

Since I blogged last Zac has had two birthdays and is now 12 years old. He has grown so much in the last year and is fitting into his "preteen" shoes nicely. He is very involved in scouts, piano, his school glee club, and more recently tae kwon do.

Max is now 7 years old and is definitely keeping us on our toes. He started first grade and has had an interesting year. I must admit that I received my first phone call from the principal's office this year. Probably not an experience I should write on the blog, but sometime if you see me I'll tell you the story. It has for sure made the list of most favorite Max stories! He is involved in swimming, piano, baseball, and most importantly playing with friends.

Although never posted on the blog I will assume most people know that we had our third boy in September. Calvin Byron (who has been nicknamed Boo Boo) was born on September 2nd and is now almost 8 months old. We are officially outnumbered and are feeling the effects of that. He is sweet and rascally all at the same time. He is very different from my other two boys and with the seven year gap we are feeling like first time parents all over again. We all adore him and he is already showing signs of knowing that he is the baby of the family. Just the other day Zac said, "It's fun having a baby in the house mom." I would have to agree. He has just learned to sit up and roll over, and he LOVES to eat! He is a total Mama's boy and it both melts my heart and makes me go crazy. If I am in the room nobody else can hold him, and when I leave his sight he cries uncontrollably. But when he gives you a big smile you can't help but want to squish him.

Life is crazy around our home but we are happy and healthy. Hopefully I will be able to post more often, We'll See!!


Amy said...

What? You had a kid?

Welcome back to blogging.

Trevor and Brooke said...

OK, you need to send out emails or something that you blogged again! You didn't even mention it on the phone the other day. I barely recognize Zac with his short hair. Love it! Can't wait to see you this summer!